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Thyroid Disorder?

I am a 22 yr old student, and I sought blood tests recently for worsening fatigue not alleviated by rest. My bloodwork showed TSH levels less than 0.01 and elevated T3. (T4 was in the normal range). However, I felt that my symptoms were more like hypothyroidism. In addition to the fatigue, I have dry skin, especially on my scalp- to the point where it if forming sores from simple abrasion. I have experienced an increased appetite, but no significant weight change. However, about 6 months ago, I was having extreme trouble sleeping, experienced what felt like panic attacks several times at night (heart racing, sweating). I was treated for anxiety disorder based on the "panic attacks," feelings of anxiety, and insomnia. The medication helped with the attacks, but the sleeping problems persisted until within the past few weeks, during which time the fatigue has grown to the point that I fall asleep all of the time. Additionally, I have been experiencing some memory problems and trouble focusing. I am about to have a thryoid scan done to determine if it is thyroid adenoma, but there was a suggestion of possible hasimotos....?
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your labs and symptoms are consistent with hyperthyroidism -- this needs evaluation by an endocrinologist to determine the cause and treatment options.  Graves is the most common cause.
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Hi- I am 25 and have Hashimoto's...Many people with Hashimoto's actually are HYPERthyroid before they become hypothyroid...that sounds like what you're describing.  I also had trouble sleeping for a couple months when I think back to the time my symptoms started so I was probably hyper before becoming hypo.  You should ask your Dr. to do a blood test for the two types of Hashimoto's antibodies.  This will confirm that diagnosis.  Good luck!
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Yes! I am similar, fatigue all the time. Sleeping non stop. No weight change. Bloodwork showed low TSH levels so doc reckons hyPERthyroidism.  I had to give more bloods to see, but will find out on wednesday.  It's weird because I would have thought I was HyPO if anything because I'm always so tired, and have gained weight if anything (just a little).  

Hmm....so confusing...
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