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Thyroid Growths

I am a 29 year old female, a year ago I had a cyst growing on my left side of my thyroid, it was pushing against my trachea causing me to cough and constantly clear my throat.  I had this removed along with my left part of my thyroid.  When they did the biopsy they found I have hashimoto's.

In April last year another growth was found on the right hand side, my specialist put me on eltroxin (0.100mg) once a day to reduce the growth. Today I had my six month check up and the growth is still there (1.2cm x 1.5cm x 2cm) and another has grown (1cm) in diameter.

I can only see my specialist in 2 weeks time but am wanting an explanation of some words on my report,

The report mentioned something about the echotexture is not common with that of thyroiditis?  What does that mean.

They are now calling the growths "hyperechoic" was does that mean??  

I have been experiencing a sore neck and alot of the symptons of hypothyroidism even with taking my eltroxin. (Escpecially being tired all the time)

Do you think he will take the rest of my thyroid out, would it maybe be better????  I'm extremely dissapointed that I have more growths.  Am so tired of feeling this way.

I'm also concerned about not being able to conceive very easily when I do decide to have kids one day, is this true.

Hopefully you can put my mind at ease, don't feel like worrying for the next 2 weeks.


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Thyroid medications often do not decrease the size of nodules, the hope is that medication may help prevent further growth and/or the development of new nodules.  With hashimoto's we are more inclined to use thyroir medication for patients with nodules, but much of the time, the presence of nodules does not need medication.

Hyperechoic means brighter than the surrounding thyroid tissue -- usually hashimoto's thyroiditis is darker (hypoechoic) -- these are not suspicious words, but if there is a distinct nodule then at least an FNA biopsy should be considered.
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