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Thyroid Lymphoma?

24 yrs, female (great grandmother (mother's side) diagnosed with breast cancer at 27yrs, died at 32yrs)
1 year ago my gynecologist noticed a swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck (I'm assuming deep cervical)  sent me to a neck specialist, whom informed he insisted it was swollen due to a blemish I had on my face. 1 yr later, blemish free, still have swollen lymph node which is now slightly larger and feels different, not so hard.
6 months ago my gynecologist noticed a small mass in my breast, cherry pit size, 6 o'clock position (I couldnt feel it, but now suddenly I can with ease) She ordered for a mammogram and to have blood work done to check my thyroid. She never informed me why my thyroid but I assume because I had been off of Depo Provera for almost 2 years and had only had a few random periods, she did state that I was ovulating when I went in. Never had a period after or since. I was also experiencing fatigue and had told her of that and had gained 10 lbs. Which was strange because I hadnt changed my diet and have always maintained my weight.
I switched jobs and lost my old insurance and had to wait 90 days before getting my new insurance and never went to have the tests done. She never called to say my Pap smear wasnt normal nor did I follow up. (I KNOW I KNOW)
In the past month and a half my fatigue has gotten a lot worse. I have been having lower abdomen, lower back, and pelvis pains. Heartburn and other symptoms of pregnancy. 9 pregnancy tests all negative. My thyroid gland is either swollen on the left side or there is a nodule and most alarmingly I have gained 30 lbs in a month and a half, no changes to diet. All weight gained to stomach, still wear same size pants, look 7+ mos pregnant. Feel full all the time even when I wake up in the morning and feel weak and tired all the time, even with 12-15 hours of sleep. Neck pain, bad head aches.
Does this sound like thyroid lymphoma?
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This does not sound like thyroid lymphoma (which is quite rare) but you should have an ultrasound to evaluate the swelling and determine if there is a nodule.  Also thyroid labs based on symptoms to see if hypothyroid. Lymphoma usually presents with rapidly enlarging thyroid in the setting of autoimmune thyroid disease -- which is possible here, but not likely.
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I went to my new Family D.O. she had blood work done on what seemed like everything. Hormones/Thyroid/HCG etc etc. She said everything came back normal except my iron and mineral levels were all low and my WBC count was slightly high. She posted my anemia profile results for me on an online med portal and even though she says low, they're all in normal ranges so IDK what she's talking about.

Ferritin 31 (11 - 306 ng/mL) low iron
Iron, Serum 111 (37 - 170 ug/dL) 2498-4 low iron
Iron Bind.Cap.(TIBC) 422 (250 - 450 ug/dL) 2500-7 low iron
Iron Saturation 26 (15 - 50 %) 2502-3 low iron
UIBC () low iron

I also had a low grade fever when I went in. I spoke with previous doctors offices, last Pap was normal, but my WBC count has always been slightly high in the past and the low grade fever has been consistent for the past several years.

I've started taking multivitamins with Iron and my symptoms are still getting worse. I finally got a new prescription for Adderall and had my dosage upped by 5mg and it still doesnt help me with the fatigue.

I did finally get another period. My periods since 2010 have been as follows:

8/17/2012 - 8/20/2012 (Medium to Light Blood Flow)
9/5/2012 - 9/8/2012 (Medium to Light Blood Flow)
11/11/2012 - 11/12/2012 (Heavy Blood Flow)
5/22/2013 - 5/26/2013 (Medium to Heavy Blood Flow)
---On 7/1/2013 I had a Pap Smear (Normal) I was also told I was ovulating---
8/7/2013 (Light Blood Flow)
11/11/2013 (Spotting)
11/21/2013 - Current(11/22/2013) (Medium Blood Flow)

The lymph node on my neck is easy to feel but the D.O. said she thought it was of normal size. She thinks the lump in my breast was most likely a cyst as she could not feel what my gynecologist had felt. She said my pelvis was abnormally tender and wants me to have ultrasounds done on my breasts and pelvis. My new insurance requires referrals for everything so I had to wait for that to be processed and now Ive started my period. With the holidays coming up the place where I was told to have my ultrasound done is pretty full and I cant get in on my days off work until January. The cramping with this current period is far worse than I have ever experienced. Before Depo Provera I never really had cramps. Also, I have extremely nauseous, something I have NEVER experienced at all with past cycles.  My D.O. thinks the Depo should no longer be affecting my periods (I started taking it 5/20/2010 and had my last shot 2/9/2012) she also had my hormones checked and they all came back normal.

Does this give any further insight into helping find the true problem?
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I'm not sure if this is related but maybe I should also put it out there in case it is.

I have also (mind you I'm only 24) have had issues with joint pain. Both wrists crack every time rolled/bent, hips crack when I stand up after sitting for a while, neck constantly hurts. Its a pain I have learned to deal with. Its always warm to the touch. I've tried acupuncture, chiropractors, pain patches, everything. I had my Rheumatoid factor checked several years ago. It was normal.  MRIs do show a syrinx that runs between my C6 and C7. Neurologist I had went to at the time said he didnt see any issues with it as he had 2 MRIs done and the size never changed. So I just deal with it.  Again, I doubt its related but who knows. The neck pain started in 2009.
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