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Thyroid Nodules, Surgery and Herniated Disks

I have recently been diagnosed with 3 thyroid nodules, 1 larger one on the isthmus and 2 smaller on the right lobe.  Had 2 thyroid ultrasounds, plus 1 FNA which showed "Atypia present - a few follicular cells which look suspicious" and am now being referred for surgery.  Had a 2nd opinion but with no additional biopsy done and recommendation is the same: isthusectomy plus right lobectomy with the possibility of total thyroidectomy.  My concern is that I also have 4 herniated disks in my neck (had them for several years) cervical osteoarthritis, plus bursitis in my right shoulder with some swelling already present in the front of my right shoulder and neck.  I have been in and out of physical therapy for my neck problems over several years with several trigger point injections but I am still dealing with daily pain, headaches and stiffness in my neck.  I am extremely nervous about getting this surgery and wondering if my neck will become permanently stiff as a result.  Also very concerned about the effects of the medication synthroid as I have already been having major problems with additional weight gain and not being able to get it off, daily fatigue and joint disease.  I have gone ahead and scheduled my surgery for next month (4 weeks from now) but am now wondering if  I should request an additional FNA before actually going thru with this?  Please give me your opinion.          
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Would have slides of the FNA sent to an expert thyroid pathologist to get a definite read -- I use Dr. Massoll at U Florida -- other good labs are U Penn and Hopkins (among other good universities of course)...
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