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Thyroid Trouble?

I am a 38 yo female diagnosed in November with hypothyroidism (TSH 7.85) following YEARS of difficulty losing weight (I'm about 20 lbs overweight) and fatigue.  I have blood tests dating back to 1992, and my TSH was always in the over 3 range.  I started on .05 synthroid, my TSH decreased to 2.22, but my symptoms didn't really improve (with the exception of brain fog, which had developed in September).  Increased to alternating .05 and .075 late January, most recent TSH was 1.48.  Meanwhile, my blood pressure (usually normal) has gone up (130/90) and my resting cholesterol has gone from 184 in August to 235.  I've also noticed some swelling, particularly in my hands (difficulty with getting rings on and off).  I talked to my MD about Armour, but he doesn't think the scientific evidence for a trial is compelling.  I guess I have a few questions.  Should I be seeing more of an alleviation of symptoms by this point?  (.05 was started 11/30).  I work out (cardiokickboxing and weights) 4x week for an hour (for over a year now) and watch what I eat.  Second, could the increase in BP, swelling, and/or cholesterol be related to the thyroid?  And third, should I push on adding Cytomel or Armour to my regimen?  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
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The BP rise and swelling are possibly related to thyroid but with a TSH of 1.48 the thyroid is presumably in a good range.  The scientific evidence and literature are indeed lacking regarding Armour but some patients do better with it.  

I would consider 75mcg daily, if the swelling persists consider a change to levoxyl (may be a reaction to an additive in synthroid--unusual, but this has helped with some patients).  I the BP continues to rise, may need to decrease the dose -- while a TSH around 1 is great for most people that may not be the case for you.  Cytomel may help but would want BP to be stable as T3 is more stimulating to the heart than T4.

Lastly, if there are positive antibodies (ie, hashimtos) and the joints still swell -- consider testing for rheumatoid arthritis or other rheumatologic processes.
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My (73 yr.old female) TSH level is similar. I am taking .05/50mcg Synthroid, but switched to 1/2 pill/25 mcg. after I felt the 50 mcg. were too much. My impression is that your medication might be too strong.
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Can low blood pressure be related to thyroid?
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My suggestion is change doctor.  There is a web site put on by Mary Shoman that has a list of thyroid specializing doctors that mostly prefer the Armour.  Just go on your search for Mary Shoman Thyroid Docs.  It will give you the link and you can search by your zip code.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go to the people that know what they are talking about.  I think quite a few might perscribe Armour but are unwilling to look beyond the TSH. It is not a very good tool and doctors have used it as a cure all far too long.  When they will get back to clinically diagnosing is a very long way off if ever.  Best of luck.
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hi i was wanting to see about some meds i am on for my throids. i am taking synthroid but i found my appetite as slowed down is that mormal
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