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Thyroid nodule labs normal

About 3 years ago I started gaining weight, anxious, BP up and down, elevated pulse rate.  I went to an Endo and he scanned my thyroid and saw a nodule but wasn't worried and said he would watch it.  My labs have been normal.

I moved to another state and the weight keeps piling on, I am short of breath sometimes. fast pusle, tired, dry skin.  They keep running tests and they are normal but they never check the nodule that the other doctor found.

Could I have symptoms from the nodule even though my labs come back normal?
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If you have hypothyroidism, there is no indication for an uptake and scan.  Furthermore you likely have hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto's, not uncommon to be triggered after a pregnancy.  And, in Hashimoto's, we often see reactive lymph nodes adjacent to the thyroid gland a look like a parathyroid prominence however these are usually lymph nodes and the first test to consider is a PTH and calcium level to see if the parathyroid may be overactive.  If your TSH is completely normal (0.5-1.5 give or take), then consider possible sensitivity to a filler in the Synthroid and try different brand.
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Sorry -- here's the answer.....

No, the nodule would not likely cause these symptoms without causing abnormal thyroid function test.  However it is important to followup on the nodule to make sure it is not changed.  A repeat general endocrinology evaluation is likely warranted for all these issues.
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