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Thyrotoxicos what is it; VERY leery bout med dosages

Saw new dr. hospital endo clinic, dx Thyrotoxicosis.  dr. said what turned hyper symptoms on can be shut off w/ATD’s, told me thyroid small, neck swollen slighty nothing 2 go batty over. Was on Metoprolol 4, 2 mos 25MG 2X day 2 tide me over for today’s appt. Started MMI 10 MG 1X day in beginning 6/07 with another endo previous 2day’s appt. Stopped MMI after 2 weeks due 2 itching,minor hair loss, was scared, wasn’t able 2 stop beta blocker same way. Mention previous side effects experiencing with MMI, new endo suggest I try PTU, I said no way, said I would have to take 4 or 5 doses of PTU to equate  potentcy of dosage or two of Methimazole, sense 2 me. Endo got NASTY, dismissive, told resident 2 document my chart due 2 patient’s foolishness 2 start me Metoprolol 25 MG 2 tabs twice daily 100 MG Methimazole 20 MG daily

Dr. use scare tactics MMI damaging 2 liver, asked 4 liver function & white blood cell test, he said no need. Is dr. trying hard 2 sabotage dosages 4 me 2 switch 2 PTU or be @ his mercy for RAI in future, could I die or get extremely sick after 2 months consumption on his med regimen already Dr. Lupo? Said MMI can cause severe sore throat, bone marrow prbs, could I end up hypo way too fast with his med regimen? Thyrotoxicos is it temporary, how soon b4 get better/see difference? 4 tabs Metoprolol is 2much, 32 female, is dr. doping up elephant? How long 2 get off beta blocker if consume increase doses? Ask resident why dr. increased both med doses so high is it revenge? Resident said want 2 play catch up recovery time, very leery about taking (4) 25 MG beta blocker tablets a day 2 me feels excessive, feel like I’m going to mess my heart up more if I were 2 increase it, hard 2 tailor down later. Only going 2 take 2 beta blocker tabs & 2 MMI tabs. Attending dr. won’t answer concerns, questions b/c I chose ATD slighty more potent IMO. Where I can complain about his manners, 6th endo 2 treat me like cow dung pretty tired of it.

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Beta blockers and ATDs are the standard initial treatment for many cases of thyrotoxicosis.  If there is a side effect of one ATD, often we switch to another -- there are only two options and the PTU is more difficult due to multiple pills/day and probably increase in side effects and decrease in effectiveness compared with MMI.  Rechallenging with MMI makes sense before change to PTU.  Recent article suggests most people need no more than 15mg MMI per day start dose.

Toprol doses range from 25-200mg/day -- most thyroid patients use 25-100mg/day.
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See new attending endo gambling my dosages, will 2 mos consumption of 20MG daily MMI, will it cause liver/kidney/bone marrow damage, could I die like he said if I don't take his med regimen? As far as Metoprolol sticking to 50MG like usual a day, he wants me to take 100 MG (not sure if I will end up more sleepy or slowed down b/c of Metoprolol?
How bad is Thyrotoxicosis, do I still have graves/hyperthyroid prbs? Will How bad is Thyrotoxicosis? go away and then come back later on, so worried? Not sure if  I should eat certain foods not to interact with MMI and Metoprolol?
How soon b4 meds correct Thyrotoxicosis? So badly want 2 stop beta blocker. This attending endo is playing nasty revenge game with meds very angered and hurt by his ignorant/dismissive treatment with any question(s) I want to address w/him. Thnx 4 listening 2 my questions/concerns Dr. Lupo, not many out there like you. Not sure where to complain about this particular attending endo dr.

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I have been on Thyroid replacement for about 10 years and no problems. 47 female, overweight by 60lbs but low blood pressure. I have a small hiatal hernia which causes reflux. I am allergic to lots of green things in the enviornment and have asthma. I take protonix and advair daily. Generally my asthma symptoms are under control.

I started having "itchy bitchy twitchy" syndrome a couple of times per month over the last two years. I attributed it to allergies, during the day this is not too bad but it interfered with sleep. I would take an over the counter anti-hystamine like benydryl  or zyrtec and it would make me sleepy and the next day I was fine.

The symptoms of being itchy have progressed to more like little electrical shock feeling or like someone is sticking a little needle in me mostly feeling that at the skin surface. Now it has progressed further to the previously mentioned little pains to small thudding pain like in different places on the surface or just under the surface of my skin.

My doctor is an internist and recommended an anti-depressant  because he knows I am under a tremendous amount of personal stress. This one causes some drowziness so I take at night which helps me get to sleep but it has not really helped stop the symptoms over the last 5 days.

I have been under tremendous personal stress in past and not had this type of symptom.

Anything come to mind?

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I had what I called little electric shocks under my skin in my arms so I know what you are talking about.  This was when my thyroid was way out of wack and I was having anxiety and taking lorazapam.  My tsh was in the 900's.  I am now down to 7 am on 37 1/2 mcg of levothyroxine and do not take lorazapam at all.  I do not have the electric shock feelings (like a little ping) under my skin now.  I took prozac for about 5 months also.  Don't know what it did but I got better and the doctor took me off it.  Hope this helps and I will be praying for you.  linda
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