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Total Thyroidectomy and low Human Growth Hormone

I had a thyroidectomy in 2003.  Had tremendous problems stabilizing TSH levels.  Would fluctuate from 0.05 to 34.6 within the same week.  Recently had my human growth hormone level checked and it was too low.  Does having your thyroid removed affect human growth hormone?
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Hyperthyroidism can cause high IGF-1 (stable measurement of growth hormone) particularly in women, so perhaps hypo can cause low GH.  Thyroid removal should not cause a GH problem.  The  TSH fluctuation is odd -- have not seen 0.05 to 34.6 in one week -- would double check that -- keeping the thyroid levels stable may help normalize the GH levels.  Also ask your endocrinologist to see if other pituitary hormones may be abnormal.
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I have autonomic dysfunction which may cause the fluctuation from 0.05 to 34.6 in a week.
Doctors thought it was lab error initially but I was hospitalized shortly afterwards and they repeated the bloodwork - no mistake.  I felt like my body was completely out of control and extremely ill. My adrenals have been sluggish as well.  All happened after thyroid was removed.

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