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Tsh suppression therapy afraid help!!!

I have a tsh level of 1.2 and have 3 non cancerous nodules on my thyroid one the measures 1cm I've had popping in my throat and have felt out of it @ times for several years. My doctor wants to start me on 50mg of synthroid to help shrink or prevent further growth and help with my symptoms and or fatigue...what is your opinion? If my levels are normal why do I feel like crap I also have some anxiety and body jolts @ times also my face gets red alot during the day and I sweat!!!!!

Thanks carrie
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Current guidelines suggest against suppression - esp with small nodules and normal TSH w/o prior history of radiation exposure (ie, risk for cancer) -- the other symptoms are not likely due to the nodule(s) if only measuring about 1cm.
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