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Various symptoms and slightly high TSH

Hi, I'm a 33 yr old male.

6 months ago my TSH was tested at about 6.5.  I waited a month and re-tested it and it was 7.6.  But then, just a week later it was re-tested and it was 5.45  (barely in normal range).     Free T4 in the normal range every time.

I have about a 3 year history of heart palpitations (PVC's,  and sometimes a chaotic beat that lasts for up to 3 minutes nonstop).  But, when the heart problem started my TSH was 3.4 or something like that.

I also have a history of proctitis where I have lower stomach pains and diareah, but that only flares up occasionally now if I eat the wrong thing.  One day last week I ate a big salad and it didn't agree with me, my proctitis flared up and lasted half the day...but when it was over with, I felt strangely relaxed and my resting pulse plummeted into the 50's and my hands turned ice cold.  This continued for a few days after my bout with proctitis flareup,  and these seemed like the symptoms of hypothyroidism to me (??).

Does it sound like my TSH is bouncing around causing these symptoms?  Is there more going on in my body, such as inflammation or autoimmune condition?   Should i be taking Synthroid now?

One more thing, I can feel a lump about the size of a small pea in the direct middle of my thyroid area about 1/4 inch below my adam's apple and I am sure this wasn't there before a couple months ago, but my doctor barely touched it (not even sure if he felt it) and he said that it was nothing.  Should I be concerned about finding a better doctor?

THanks for everything

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Your thyroid levels are borderline - suggesting mild early hypothyroidism which may or may not be contributing to your symptoms.  Would talk to an endocrinologist or your primary doctor about a trial of thyroid medication (levothyroxine) as well as a thyroid ultrasound if you feel a lump in that area.
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