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Was I started on the right amount of Armour???

I have been on Synthroid (100mg) and Cytomel (10mcg) and still after months of getting to this level, I convinced my Doctor to give me Armour.  He has started me on 30mg and to change to 60mg after two weeks.  I don't have any support from my husband (he thinks it is all in my head) but I really hear so many good things about Armour.  I do already feel better after 3 days on Armour, honestly....just wondering if I should have started at a higher dose.  

I get bad swollen legs when hypo and though a little better, I just want to feel better.

I also could use some advise on how to handle my situation regarding health care...I cannot afford a specialist (Endo) because of my new insurance.  My GP is treating me but I can tell he is reluctant to use Armour.  What kind of vitamins should I be taking (without breaking the bank)?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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No special vitamins are needed.
Goal with any thyroid replacement is to keep TSH in the 0.5-2.5 range.
Sometimes splitting the armour to 2x/day is helpful (ie, take 1/2 the total daily dose 2x/day -- am and 2-3pm) -- but there is no research to support that armour is superior to levothyroxine alone.
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