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Weight Gain on Anti-anxiety/Anti-depressant and Hypothyroidism

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in Nov ‘08. My doctor put me on Synthroid until I was level and now I am on the generic Levothyroxine at 75 daily. This helped with some of my depression and anxiety that I had lived with my whole life. It also helped clear my foggy feeling, memory, and fatigue. My doctor told me I should lose some weight, but this didn’t happen. I was not overweight, but I was at the top of my weight range for my height. The depression/anxiety did not go away so I went to see a psychiatrist who put me on Citalopram at 40 every night. This was working well after the first few weeks of side effects; then my sex drive disappeared. I couldn’t live like that so I went back and he put me on the GENERIC of Wellbutrin at 150 daily. I gained 15 lbs in less than 3 weeks and the depression came back - plus no sex drive. After a month, I went back and he upped me to 300, but I declined after much research and requested the brand name Wellbutrin. He argued with me that weight gain is not feasible on this medication, but after all the research I was convinced otherwise. He put me on the brand name and my sex drive came back. I didn’t gain anymore weight, but I’m not losing it either. I started a small exercise program a few months back to help shed pounds and all I have done is gain weight from fat. I’m highly concerned about this. I just want to stay within my healthy weight range. Several people in my family are over-weight due to lack of health concern. I do not want this to be an issue for me as it causes more health problems. My doctors run me around in circles claiming one has nothing to do with the other and I really am just concerned about my health. I lack energy often and the more I concern over these things the more I feel down. Could there be something else that is inhibiting me from losing weight even with exercise and watching what I eat? Could it be the combination of the medications?  
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The goal of treatment for hypothyroidism is to restore the TSH to normal (0.5-2.5 is what many use as the target).  This helps most symptoms.  The weight gain associated with hypothyroidism is usually 10-15 pounds -- ie, it is not all thyroid and correcting the thyroid does not reverse the problem.  Psychiatric meds may alter weight as you mention.  But the key is to burn more than you eat and most people are still taking in way too many calories -- ie many think that 1500-2000 calories per day should promote weight loss -- this is maintenance at best....

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