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What is going on with my thyroid? Thoughts?
I would really like some input from others who are dealing with thyroid disease. I've been having thyroid issues for the past half year and my life has been turned upside down. I've had symptoms too numerous to count. I've had: constipation, chills, slight temperature raises (ex. 98.8 or 99 degrees), muscles feel weak, possible heart issues, fatigue, had a severe infection a few months ago, and I've had numerous other symptoms.

DEC 2011:
TSH: 1.4 UIU/ML (range of 0.3-5.1)

DEC 2012:
TSH: 0.7 UIU/ML (range of 0.3-5.1)

FEB 2013:
Ultrasensitive TSH:1.148 UIU/ML (range of 0.300-5.100)
Free T4: 1.02 NG/DL (range of 0.73-1.95)
Thyroidine Peroxidase AB: (HIGH) 45.0 IU/ML (range of <35.0)

Also, I had imaging done and I have been diagnosed with multinodular goiter (4 nodules).

My questions (sorry they're a lot):
1. So far my Endocrinologist wants to take a "wait and see" approach; is this the correct approach? Should I be demanding medication and diagnosis?
2. With my slight elevated thyroid antibodies, does that mean I'm officially "positive" for thyroid antibodies?
3. Does slightly elevated thyroid antibodies mean I'm in the early stages of thyroid autoimmune disease or that I'm at high risk for it? The thing that's the most frustrating is my antibody levels are in a "limbo" so to speak; they're outside of the normal range, but apparently not high enough for the doc to diagnose me with autoimmune thyroid disease or put me on meds. Your thoughts on this?
4. I've been taking cortisteroids for psoriasis, could that affect my thyroid blood labs?
5. Have any of you all experienced the above symptoms when you had thyroid problems?

Sorry for the flood of info; I have got to figure out what is wrong with me. This thyroid stuff is literally destroying my life.
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you have slightly positive antibodies (which is fairly common and does not mean you will develop thyroid dysfunciton) with completely normal thyroid function -- likely no indication for medication in this case.  High dose oral or IV steroids can lower TSH.  Your symptoms are nonspecific, but with what you post, thyroid is not the probable source.  The nodules need to be evaluated independently to see if FNA biopsy is needed or just followup ultrasound.  Nuclear imaging (I-123) will not add anything.
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