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My doctor put me on Symbyax for weight gain. Yes I do need to gain weight. I do not think I am depressed, but she seems to think I am.  She tells me that, "you not being depressed is not normal". Yes I have had health issues, but to me they are not anything to worry about. I do have other tests pending (colonoscopy, endoscopy and scoping of the bladder).

I have not changed my eating habits in the last 10years, but lost about 33lbs in the last 8 months. I may not be the healthiest eater, but I do eat. I do crave salty foods (chips/crackers), and meat. I snack a lot through out the day, but always eat dinner (biggest meal). I will be seeing a nutrionist as well. My thyroid levels are okay now - TSH .95.

I have never had anxiety, depression, or stress. Is taking a Symbyax a good idea?

Symptoms: wegith loss, night sweats, bone/muscle aches(thighs/legs), lost all muscle fat, constant urination, tiny red dots on tip of tongue that will burn.
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Would consider testing for adrenal insufficiency if not already done -- start w/ AM cortisol -- if not >11 then an ACTH stimulation test may be needed.

I have no experience w/ symbyax which is a combination of two psychiatric medications - olanzapine and fluoxetine.

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