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biopsy alternatives?

I had a not so good experience about a month ago when I had an ultrasound guided Fine Needle Biopsy done on a growth that covers most of the area of one of my left thyroid.

First the anesthetic may have been mis-guided as the last shot seemed to impair my breathing (I think they numbed too close to my wind-pipe).

I still felt some pain during the biopsy, but worse than that, it just felt traumatized (like they were digging around). It swelled up a great deal, was very tender for a week after and it hurt to turn my neck. A month later it has finely healed enough that I feel I could put it through an iodine uptake test that my endocrinologist recommended.  But, I think the biopsy did more harm than good as now the growth is big enough to see when I swallow.  

It's been a couple of days and while I don't have the results from the uptake, the biopsy came back with a nondiagnostic result.  I am worried that I will be asked to repeat the biopsy but I don't know if I can go through that again. Do I have any other option to suggest as an alternative?

Blood results were in normal range.
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By 'nondiagnostic', does this mean not enough cells OR a follicular lesion (better called indeterminant)?  You probably had a core needle biopsy rather than FNA - esp if done at a hospital and not office -- the core biopsy is more traumatic.

Would send the slides for an expert opinion at a university, eg Dr. Massoll At U. of Florida.  Often 'nondiagnostic' is a local pathologist's CYA move.  If it is truly indeterminant, it will need to be removed to make a diagnosis as 20% of these are cancer.  The I-123 scan sometimes (rarely) changes the recommendation for surgery.
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