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black hair on face and chin

I started out having black hairs here and there and you could pull them out with a twisser
now i have lots of them under my nose on both sides and down the side of my upper lip area
now i notice my hair on my chin is getting thicker
and i have more scattered black hairs
i just recently started back on Estrogen (the one in the can)
but the dr who gave it to me acted like it would do no good to take a blood test to see how low i was on hormones to correct this problem
I had a hysterectomy at 30  and took hormones until the hormone scare so i have been off about 2 years  
this cant be normal is it????
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This is called hirsutism - - would see a general endocrinologist to figure out if it is due to excess testosterone or DHEA, or whether it may be PCOS.
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As for hysterectomy and influence on hormones...I have no idea. Perhaps it's the influence on your facial hair. If not, I would think a look into Testosterone & Dhea-s (or perhaps Testosterone alone would suffice.) P.C.O.S. can cause hirsutism (and a number of women who suffer hypothyroidism, also have PCOS). As can adrenal problems.

I would ask your doctor to take a look into your hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone...), if only to put your mind at ease. If he/she is unwilling to...you CAN do this on your own: http://www.healthcheckusa.com/lab_tests/The_Roby_Institute/The_Roby_Institute_Female_Series_option_A


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