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complex nodules

My wife has recently been found to have a cyst in her thyroid via palpation and ultrasound.  The findings on ultrasound were rt lobe measure 5.4x1.3x2.1 cm in size showing a complex 2.8x1.6x1.0 mass in lateral aspect of midportion with both cystic and solid components in it.  Left side of the isthmus is larger than the right side, 5mm in thickness and there is a 1.1x.8 cm size predominantly multi-cystic lesion in the midline and left side of the isthmus.  Left lobe is 4.4x.9x1.2 cm in size and shows one small 3mm cystic lesion in its central portion.

She has been treated for hypothyroidism with .05mg levothyroxine for the last 4 yrs and hasn't had a change in dosage given her yearly thyroid checks.  The need for this ultrasound was based on palpation at physicians visit.  We of course are worried about the chance of mailgnancy and she is sched for ultrasound guided FNA.  Does the size of this lesion indicate is more or less likely malignant?  Does the fact that there are many lesions indicate that it's more or less likely malignant?  We know that complex cyst is more suspicious...but we are looking for stats or some initial guidance at this point.  There is no pain but she says in the last 1 yr she has noticed that maybe this growth is what was causing slight pressure on swallowing she described like a small lump in her throat.  Her dad (68 yo) just was found to have multicystic nodules in his thyroid but not requiring biopsy at this point.  Thanks for your help.
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