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cutting 0.05mg Eltroxin pills in half to achieve 0.075mg?


I've been hypothyroid for about eight years, and have been on 0.05mg of Eltroxin daily since diagnosis. It's worked great for me (knock on wood!), and my dosage has never changed. My TSH has remained in the normal range (0.5 - 5.0) all that time, as well.

Last week (Jan. 16/13), I went for my annual physical, and blood tests revealed that my TSH is now 10.7, so my GP upped my dosage to 0.075mg.

Since there is no Eltroxin pill available in that dosage, she instructed me to take one and a half 0.05mg pills daily to achieve the correct dose.

Is this actually okay to do?

Everything I've read says not to split thyroid medication because it's almost impossible to ensure an even split and, therefore, a perfectly accurate dosage amount. (I'm discovering this to be true -- even with a pill cutter, my splitting efforts have failed to produce clean, evenly split halves.)

I've read online that the typical recommendation (for a 0.075mg dose) is to take one 0.05mg pill one day, two the next, one the next, two the next, and so on. But I don't see how that's any more consistent or logical.

Just wondering if there's a best way to do this.

I'm returning to my GP in about five or six weeks to see if the adjusted dose has brought my TSH back down to normal. As an aside, this is the first time I've had my blood work done in January (I live in the northeast), and I've read that winter can cause TSH to rise, so I'm not sure if this higher reading might just be an anomaly.

Thank you in advance!
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If you split a pill to take 1.5 tablets per day, take the first 1/2 one day, then the other half of that pill the next day.  You could switch to a product that has 75 and 88mcg doses so you don't have to split tablets.
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