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diabetes and hyper

My doctor wants me tested for diabetes because my PH level is off.  I started researching and the two seemed to be linked, but in people who have diabetes first.  I tried exercising last week (running about 3 miles, very slowly) and I felt awful the next day.  Pulse racing, fatigue, upset stomach, dizzy, and then I have had a sweet taste in my mouth!  Exercise is suppose to help, not inflame the symptoms.  I have been on hyper meds for about a week and a half.  Am I pushing too soon?  Can having hyper increase your risk for getting Diabetes?  
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There are a few links between diabetes and thyroid disease -- hyperthyroidism increases blood sugar and in many cases both are caused by the immune system attacking the body (pancreas in diabetes and thyroid in Graves/Hashimoto's).

Certainly testing glucose (sugar) levels would sort this out.  But your symptoms may all be from hyperthyroidism or possibly side-effect of the anti-thyroid medication (esp nausea, muscle/joint pain).
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When your thyroid levels are off it can cause diabetic symptoms, since RAI my numbers have gradually gotten better. I was told not to overexcersize when I was hyper, heart rate was already high (100 resting) ....I think you are pushing too soon, maybe walking a half mile/mile for would be more reasonable until your levels are stable.
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