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i am new to this forum so please bear with me.   I am end of the end of my tether with feeling so ill all the time.  Every single part of my body aches beyond belief,  most of the time it feels like i have gone 20 rounds in a boxing ring.  I'm always shattered but can't sleep great bse everything aches......got depression, have a constant water infection, got kidney stones and have had kidney stones removed key hole surgery.
My consultant has said that my parathyroid are not working as they should be but i don't no how bad it is...can some please help or explain to me.

Two weeks ago my PTH level was 349 ( was 198 before Xmas)
My calcium level is 2.74 ( should be between 2.20 - 2.60).
my Phosphate is 0.78 (should be between 0.80 - 1.45)
My Corrected calcium is 2.78 ( should be between 2.20 - 2.60)
My Alkaline phosphatase is 1.23 ( should be between 30 - 115).

Also my urine is showing high excretion of uric acid, calcium and oxalates....

Any information would gratefully welcomed
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You appear to have Primary Hyperparthyroidism complicated by kidney stones and multiple symptoms -- would recommend an endocrine consult and referral for parathyroid surgery.
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Hi Dr Lupo.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer my question.  

I have been referred for surgery, my consulant wants to check all 4 of them at the same time.

i am so so sorry to be a real pain but would this be classed as an urgent case with my symptoms and test results?   In the Uk we have a waiting list and have been waiting a few months already so i am investigating the possibilty of a private endorcine consultant as i really can't cope much longer.

many many thanks again
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