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high ionized calcium, fluctuating serum calcium within normal range, normal PTH, with multiple kidney stones and GERD

I don't know where to turn...

I have passed numerous kidney stones in the past ten years...two just this summer alone.  And there are more in the kidneys, as noted by my most recent CT scan.

I have had fluctuating blood pressure.

My current serum calcium is normal, though in the past it has been at the "high end of normal".

My PTH has measured normal (currently 20.6 on a scale of 12-65 pg/mL).

My IONIZED calcium is moderately high, (currently 5.52 on a scale of 4.65-5.30 mg/dL).

I developed sudden GERD about four years ago and it has required medication morning and night ever since.

I was recently diagnosed with osteopenia (-1.9), though I also went through an early menopause which could account for this decrease in bone density.

I realize that I have a very confusing picture but am desperately seeking assistance in making sense of it all.  I am more than willing to have surgery...in Florida or anywhere else...if parathyroid is at issue.  At this point, it's difficult to get a diagnosis.

Meanwhile, my mother suffered with kidney stones for all of her life, which ended when she died of transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis, something which is often related to parathyroid disease.

I thank you in advance for any guidance you might have to offer.



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Sounds like hyperparathyroidism with inappropriately normal PTH.  20.6 is little lower than we usually see even w/ this scenario but with the other symptoms it makes since.  Would consider testing urine calcium to make sure it is normal or elevated (would be expected).  But more importantly would be to consult with someone who sees a lot of parathyroid -- would consider checking into parathyroid.com for more info on tough cases like this.
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Thank you very much, Dr. Lupo.

I have read the wonderful parathyroid.com website many times.

Is there any chance that in a case that is difficult to diagnose with labs a Sestamibi Scan would be in order to definitively diagnose a parathyroid issue?

Thank you for your time and attention, Sir.

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By the way, Dr. Lupo.

I had a 24-hour urine chemistry study about a year ago and my urine calcium was 82. (range was 40-150)
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I have experienced all of you symptoms...plus several additional ones...

It took me several years to get treatment...

My blood pressure stayed in the 225/125 range for several years...going even higher at night....Osteoperina.....muscle & joint pain...Migraine headaches....ringing in my ears....severe constipation...3 bouts of kidney stones in a years time...just to name a few....

I went to my regular Dr....Encrinologists...Surgerons...etc....and came close to getting someone to do something about a year ago.....I had every clinical symptom of the hyperparathyroism.....but my test results did not back up the clinical diagnosis....so I was told to come back when I had something to back up the clinical symptoms....

I was ready to go to Fla...just to get someone to take me seriously.....

I was finally diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in June of 08...and that was all the Surgeon needed to go in and take a look at the parathyroid while he was removing the Thyroid.....

My Surgeon did a total Thyroidectomy...and removed aal 4 of the Parathyroids...and then put a small section of one parathyroid back in....

I came out of the Surgery feeling better than I had in years....completely normal BP....and just felt better in general.....but it has not stayed that way....several weeks after Surgery...BP is climbing back up.......having issues with joint pain....and coping skills are out the window.....Dr. said this is still from the parathyroid...and the removal of the Thyroid...but they have not the Calcium regulated or the TSH...so hopefully in time...I will continue to improve...

I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone...and that no matter what a Dr. tells you do not give up...I had to diagnois myself....and push hard for the surgery.....I have no doubt that I would probably not be wrtiting this if I had not taken things into my own hands....and continue to seek help when all the Dr's said the Thyroid or Parathyroid was not causing my problems...

Good Luck...

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