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hypothyroid and erectile dysfunction

hi dr.lupo,i am 38 male recently diagnosed hypothyroid 2 months on thyroxin.50mg.felling loss of libido and erectile dysfunction...i am really upset...plz help.
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With correcting the thyroid, things should improve but also test testosterone levels.
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thanks dr.lupo...i want to give u my short history and lab.report....symptoms  like tiredness,fatigue,excessive sleep,loss of libido,brain fog started from june 2010.with graduall increase,i got my lab test done in oct...they r
tsh..7.6iu/ml(range 0.25 -4).ft3..1.22pg/ml..(ref..2.024.43).ft4..3.45ng/dl (0.932-1.71)
testo..2.54ng/ml morning sample (ref.2.7-12.5) ,prolactin 46.8ng/ml (ref.1.6-18ng/ml),.
After that i started 50mg eltroxin.the things improved ,except my sexual drive and erectile dysfunction.
yesterday i got my latest results;
tsh..0.517 ,ft3..3.09,  ft4..1.47,prolactin 12.95,total testosterone..2.40(morning sample)
LH..4.89mIU/ML (REF..0.8-9.0mIU/ML)
.plz i have following questions
1.plz interept these results.
2.what should be my next plan (cannot take testosterone therapy as we r planing for baby)
3.r my fsh and lh normal.
4.is all this related to thyroid or it is somethng in brain
5.why my testosterone is not raising after thyroid treatment,if other parameters came almost normal.

thank you so much sir for contributing ur precious time and for ur expert opinion.

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