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Tsh 0.46 range 0.34-4.82
T4 1.31 range 0.4-1.80
T3 108 range 87-167
Thyroid measures. R 7.2x3.0x3.2cm
L 7.7x2.7x2.6
Isthmus 11mm
Multinodule goiter.    Do you feel it would be helpful if I was on a medication? I have many symptoms for hypo. But I also have major depression and diabetes. Your comment would be greatly appreciated.

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"multinodular goiter" --- that is not enough of a description to advise the next step.  The dimensions of the thyroid are c/w goiter.  You need to have an endocrinologist who does his/her own US take a look to see if there is a dominant or suspicious nodules.  The low-normal TSH may suggest some functioning in one or more nodules but would not likely cause depression/hypo symptoms..  I-123 scanning can sometimes help determine if nodules are functioning or not and when compared with US if there is a need for FNA biopsy.
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