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meds vs radioactive iodine treatment

After 5 years of low TSH and only occasional palpitations treated with atenolol, I have now converted over to elevated T3 and Free T4 with increasingly annoying palpitations and then a fib. I was put on Toprol XL, warfarin, and then PTU, by cardiology while waiting for my first Endocrine appointment. When I finally saw Endocrine he kept me on the PTU but increased it due to my complaint of frequent palpitations. I don't think the Toprol at 100 2 x day would be wise to increase since my heart rate was 55-65 most of the time.
I was feeling great until the last few days, PTU was increased to 100 3 x day 3 weeks before, my follow up is is in 10 days and will have my T4 checked a week before. Do you think I should push to have to radioactive iodine? I really get more anxious when the palpitations happen and focus on them.
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RAI will destroy the thyroid (assuming this is due to graves or a toxic nodule).  If it is a toxic nodule/s then RAI is preferred over PTU (or the more commonly used anti-thyroid medication, tapazole which is once a day...).  If Graves, then a course (usually about 12 months) of antithyroid drugs will achieve a remission in about 40-50%  of patients meaning that definitive treatment with RAI or surgery is often unavoidable.
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