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hi, i am new here and needede a couple of questioned answered please, i was diagnosed in may with GD , TSH was .005, FT3 was 41 20-40  FT4 was 36.6 (4-11).  i received RAI treatment friday, since then i have been having a severe headache, nothing helps , took tylenol, ibuprofen, even loratab don't know what else to do also have a very sore throat sucking on cough drops, hard candys nothing help, even gargling with salt water. before RAI  i had started on tapazole after a couple of weeks i had severe joint cramps ,PAIN so bad i had to have people help me get up. and rash so that was out of the question. my question is what should i do about this headache? it is constent!! can not sleep either  thanks so much Deedee
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Hyperthyroidism can cause headaches.  RAI (I-131 treatment to ablate the over-active thyroid gland) usually does not.  Your T4 was very high -- if that was not a typo -- so this may be the hyperthyroidism causing it and sometimes RAI can make hyper worse for a bit before it gets better.  

BetaBlockers (ie propanolol or atenolol) may help -- talk to your doc about this.  I assume you are not longer taking the tapazole -- that can cause a headache perhaps as well, although not common.
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What is RAI?
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RAI is Radioactive iodine treatment
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Hi Deedee,
have you called your dr? I did not have headaches with RAI, I had mine May 18, nor a very bad sore throat. The joint pain and muscle cra,ps I have still but they're better than before. Hope you're feeling better today, but if the headache is still there you may want to call your thyroid doctor.
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i called my dr. this past friday he wasn't much help.... He told me that RAI doesn't caused headaches but like i told him, that i didn't have one until after the RAI, my sore throat is a little better but the headache is stil here. i think i am going to go see my regular practioner in the morning maybe he can do something for me. My RAI was 8/3
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