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normal limits for TSH and T4

Hi, I just had a hemi-thyroidectomy and feel hypothyroid symptoms more than ever, but my GP tells me that my TSH  and T4 levels are within normal limits.  Relative to the tests a year ago, the TSH has jumped to 2.95 from 1.2 and T4 from 4 to 9.  He claims they are still normal and I am arguing that they are different than before.  The doctor says that lab's upper limit for TSH normal is 5.0.  I have read that most have adopted 3.0 and there are some endocrinologists who would like to see this lowered to 2.0.  

Meanwhile, I sleep as soon as I get home from work, my hair is falling out, I have gained weight... and everything is blamed on menopause.  Any advice?
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With these levels, would usually wait as after a hemi, there tends to be a slight increase in TSH in the first 1-3 months then levels back out in many cases.  2.95 is still probably normal.  If the symptoms persist, a trial of levothyroxine may be indicated, but this may well be a transient situation and you probably don't want to be on medication long-term unless absolutely necessary.
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