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post partum thyroiditis

I have been on levothyroxine for almost a year due to post partum thyroiditis. A few months after the birth I was hyperthyroid and then eventually I went hypo with fatigue and other symptoms. I was tested and have been negative for antibodies and it appears my thyroid has kicked back in because I was starting to get hyper. as of the last blood test. My dr. told me to stop the meds as he believes I will level off now that my thyroid is working again. Is this true? Also I have had some elevated blood sugars at times which he says could have been the levothyroxine and we'll see what happens when I come off the meds. How long after I stop will it take to clear from my system and return to normal pre pregnancy levels?
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Would repeat labs 5-6 weeks after discontinuing the medication.
THyroid meds won't alter glucose if thyroid levels are w/in normal range.
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Thanks Dr. for your reply. Does it take 5-6 weeks for the medication to leave my system?  Just wondering because the meds made me hyperthyroid and would really like to be rid of the sweating high heart rate etc.
I understand the meds won't alter glucose levels but he implied that with the meds making me hyperthyroid and now coming off of them, the constant changing thyroid levels may throw my glucose numbers off temporarily???
thanks again

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