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pth borderline high ca is 10.7

hello, i have a 3.4 thyroid nodule which is being monitored. Last fall, i had my pth level done which was borderline high. i just took a calcium blood test and my ca is 10.7. i'm wondering if this is hyperparathyroidism. i had this condition in 1991 which i had surgery to remove one parathyroid gland with adenoma on it. can this happen again. does my thyroid nodule have anything to do with this. i am taking vit d3 1000 mg daily for low vit d level which i started last fall. vit d level still low but higher than it was. thank you for any help you can all give me.
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Yes - this looks like primary hyperparathyroidism which can recur.  I assume your calcium levels normalized after the 1991 surgery.  About 10-15% of cases are double adenomas -- where it takes years for the second adenoma to declare itself.  If your calcium levels never normalized after first surgery and particularly if there are other family members with high calcium,, then you should be screened for the very rare condition of familial hypercalcemic hypocalciuria (FHH).
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Dr. Lupo, hello. my ca levels have been normal until this last blood test march 2014. the ca was 10.7. pth was borderline high last fall. my endochronologist stated to start taking vit d3 1000 every day which i am doing. my vit d level is 24 last test march 2014. he says this will cure this problem. do you mean another parathyroid gland has another adenoma on it. how will they know. can i have surgery to remove thyroid nodule if i need another surgery to remove parathyroid gland with adenoma on it. thank you
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