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recurrent thyroiditis and options

hi,  i swear that i'm getting thyroiditis again.  my neck feels tight at times, it hurts a little, and my glands feel a little swollen.  i'm also getting rapid heartrate again..  typically at night (when i'm at normal tsh) my resting heartrate is between 60-66..lately it's been about 76-86.  i also feel like it's pounding after i eat, and i'm getting really tired from it..  my heartrate is going up to about 90-100 after i eat, and it stays that way for around an hour.  when i move around during this phase, i just feel exhausted.  it's weird.

this would be at least my 3 episode that i'm aware of, and i'm almost positive that i've had it prior to being diagnosed.  are there long-term side effects to this fluctuation?  is my heart getting damaged?  it just feels like it's pounding so hard and fast at times when it shouldn't be.  and if it is thyroiditis again, should i just continue with these annoying episodes since it recovers to normal status?  is it healthy long-term?  

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Not likely to cause long-term damage but these recurrent episodes can be frustrating and potentially increase the risk for heart rhythm problems.  Woul at least talk to you doctor about betablockers to slow the heart and also testing to confirm recurrent thyroiditis.  Rarely do we "knock-out" the thyroid w/ RAI or surgery for such cases but this is an option to potentially discuss w/ your endocrinologist.
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I can totally relate to everything you are saying. I got thyroiditis after a bout of the flu. I too feel like I had these symptoms before also. I had the racing heart and it was worse after eating too but mine would usually go higher at about 100-130 beats per minute. I finally went to a cardiologist and he put me on a beta blocker and I have not had the racing heart since. It was hard getting used to the new feeling of having a lower heart rate and blood pressure but so much better now. My labs for thyroid have been normal since but am preparing myself for the next bout of it. It was miserable, with shaking, chills, anxiety, rapid heart rate and no appetite. I lost 16 pounds in 2 months. Hopefully the beta blocker will mask some of the symptoms.
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could seasonal allergies trigger a hyper phase?
i just haven't been feeling well lately..  right now i'm flooded with major anxiety..like i'm getting ready to give a public speech, but i'm just sitting at my desk at work.
when i'm working outside in the yard, i feel like a truck hit me and i have to take a lot of breaks because my heart's pumping so hard.  it's weird and upsetting.  i shouldn't feel like this..i'm only 35 and a normal weight.   i'm just tired of it.. i want to feel normal without all of these fluctuations.  i just don't know if these feelings are normal and i'm just tired, or if it's in my head, or if it's anxiety, or if it's thyroid, or if it's something else.  just really tired.
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