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stomach/throid issues

I have been having trouble with my stomach and bowels for some time now.  I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January.  I went on a diet and medforman and lost almost 100 pounds.  Sounds great right!!  I have had a gurgle stomach, acid reflex, and urgency to run to the bathroom.  I went off my meds with dr permission.  I also had an uptake done on my thyroid results are below.  I did a colonoscopy and got normal results.  Also did an upper ultrasound and everything was normal.  So everything is coming back fine, but I am still sick.  I feel nausea all the time and have lot of noises in my stomach.  The having to run to the bathroom is the worst.  I do also get the tingling in my finger and sometime my feet.  Can anyone assist with where I should go from here??  Do I just have to live with this???

Radionuclide Dose: 126 uCi 123 Iodine NaI; oral capsule.

Comparison: Thyroid ultrasound 9/17/2012

Findings: Asymmetry in the radionuclide uptake with the left thyroid
lobe uptake reaching about 29.1% versus the right reaching about
8.8%. Diffuse homogeneous activity throughout the left lobe without
hot or cold nodule. There is a suggestion of a warm nodule in the
lower pole of the right thyroid lobe. No cold nodule. The right
thyroid lobe is slightly smaller than the left. The 24 hour thyroid
uptake measures 37.9%.

Normal Range for 24 hour thyroid uptake is 10 to 35%.

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