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synthroid and armour

I was on armour but was switched to synthroid and I was on synthroid for appx 1 year.  I really like everything about the synthroid but 2 months into the switch I had acne or allergic reaction induced by something in the synthroid.  Switched to the generic same acne like symptoms on my face.  I had gone to 4 dermatologist all dx me with adult acne?  Well, I never had acne until the switch but I continued to fight the battle and stayed on the synthroid.  After my 1 year anniversary on the synthroid my face was all scared up so i asked the doctor to see what would happened in I switched by to armour.  Within a month the acne disappeared but I started to gain weight, and have psorriasis on my head which disappeared when I was on synthroid.  So, the pro's being on armour no more acne on the face = con's i don't have the energy, weight control, psorriasis like welts on scalp.  I really miss synthroid because my moods stayed leveled, no psorriasis like symptoms in my scalp, my weight was easy to control and lose if I gained weight from eating too much.  I felt normal?  What do I do?  
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