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test results

I just received lab results and have NO idea what they mean. We are a military family and as such, it is next to impossible to get an appt to talk to the doc. (The next available is in Dec and going to the emergency room to have labs interpreted seems extreme)
My TSH is 4.82
Glucose is 83
Cholesterol is 162
Triglceride is 42
HDL is 53
LDL is 101
VLDL is 8.4 ( I don't even know what a VLDL is)
and Chol tot/hdl is 3.06
Are these good, bad, normal...what????
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The TSH is borderline high suggesting possibly early hypothyroidism.  would repeat it along with thyroid antibodies to see if this is early hashimotos -- wait 6 weeks to repeat to make sure it was not a temporary abnormality.  

Don't go to the ER for this.  The cholesterol panel is fine if you are otherwise healthy.
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Typically there is a flag reference located beside the lab results. If your results are within this range they are considered normal. If however they are above or below said range, depending on what they are can show cause for concern. Good luck and may your healthy life continue. Take Care and God Bless.
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VLDL=Very-low-density lipoprotein
It's a part of the cholesterol testing and, if your lab's reference range is the same as mine,
yours is good.
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Thanks everyone! I thought the TSH was borderline high, but the military nurse help line said I had misinformation. Will try to get another primary care doctor to look at it. Thanks again
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It's important to get a second opinion because there are new guidelines for what constitutes low/high levels of TSH. Mine was 3.6 and I was feeling rotten but am considered mildy underactive! Do make sure you get another doctor to take a look. Treatment could change your life! Good luck!
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If you feel okay at that level you may not need a med though. Take my suppressed/invisible TSH word for it. I started out around a 6 or 7 and felt fatigue and that was all. Now, with smaller dose of levo and still suppressed TSH,  I feel truly awful .
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