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thyroid and adrenal glands??


I have been hypothyoid for about ten years and I am on 125 of synthroid. I have not felt good for about the last year. I went to get my thyroid checked and it was within normal range but I know that something is really wrong, I have been SO tired, weak, headaches, vision problems, palpitations, etc. I was reading about Adrenal gland issues sometimes being connected to thyroid issues. I did the temp test and my temp is all over the place! In the morning it is around 96, later it will be 97.4 and then later it will be 99.2. I have been testing it for four days now and it is never the same but when averaged always low. I know it will fluctuate some, but why would it be so bad? Should I get my adrenal gland tested, from what I read there is not a definitive test? I just want to feel normal again. What do you think could be going on? I am 35f, please help!
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The only proven adrenal testing for under-active adrenal is blood testing -- ask your doctor about these.  For over-active, a midnight saliva test may help, but most of us use blood testing for this as well.  The concept of adrenal fatigue is not endorsed in mainstream endocrinology and more research is needed before suggesting such a diagnosis or treatment.

Would make sure the TSH is around 1.0.  Also, many of these symptoms are often stress-related -- an important consideration in the evaluation.
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I feel your pain my dear!  I am 36f.  I do want to ask you if you have children, and if by some chance this started after childbirth?

I have been diagnosed with Fibro about 2 years ago, although my pain/problems which are very simular to yours with a bunch of added issues. Anyway, I just recently had a cortisol level test which ended my cortisol levels (I am told) 1/3 lower than what they should be.  My Dr. also started me on Thyroid Med Synthroid 100mg (which I do not see where it has done a thing, if not made me feel worse) but my thyroid levels have always been in the "normal" range but on the low side.  Fibro, tends to make the Thyroid tests show normal even though they may not be normal for you.  My Temps. have  also  been all over the place, real simular to yours.  I don't want to sound negative with this but I have had these problems for over 7 years now and there has not been a Dr. yet that has helped me.  I am so frustrated.  But the reason why I am telling you this is to help you, so that maybe you will not have to go through what all I have.  Get all of your Dr. records and every time you go to the Dr. call back and ask them to send you a copy and keep those in a file, because they will start sending you to this Dr. and then to the next, and you will then have all your test results with you, and what each Dr. has said about you, so forth and so on...then the Dr. will start saying it is all in your head and you are crazy..I think you should have your Adrenal Gland tested, but I had a hard time to get my Dr. to have that test done.  They had to sign me into the hospital and take my blood then start in IV and shoot me up with cortisol and then take my blood again 30 min later and then an 1 hr later.  So it is a big deal to have done.  All I can say is Good luck to you, stay strong and keep your head up!!!
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Well that answer that the doctor gave is basically what I have been hearing. Maybe you are stressed out. Maybe you don't eat right and so on. this did start after I had my second child. I really don't know what to do anymore. I am so tired of being tired. This is not your normal I did too much today tired, this is exhaustion from the slightest thing tired. I am like you, I don't know how much more I can take. I am sure my family is sick of it also. Did you go to an Endo for your blood test or did you get it from your GP and if it is not mainstream and doctors won't prescribe anything for it, why should I have the test?
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Low ferritin (iron) can apparently cause extreme fatigue too and is supposedly common among hypo patients.

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