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thyroid question

I have a question regarding post-pregnancy thyroiditis- I had my baby about a year ago-  I lost over thirty pounds by my 6 week check up-  I continued to lose weight and went under my pre-pregnancy weight of 130 lbs.  I was not complaining- however since I stopped breast feeding a couple of months ago I have steadily gained weight.  I am training for a marathon and running more than ever-  I also use my eliptical machine and do strength training.  I am now up to 143 lbs.  I have heart palpatations, my skin is a mess, headaches, and fatigue.  I had my thyroid level checked when I was working on my masters degree and they said the levels showed hypothyroidism, but I wasn't having any symptoms so they did not treat it.  During pregnancy my levels were checked and I guess they were fine.    Do my symptoms of weight gain sound like they could be thyroid related?
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They could be - but the labs would show this -- a phase of hypothyroidism in post-partum thyroiditis is not uncommon but many women recovery fully and do not need long-term replacement. The current thyroid function labs would be the most important in deciding if symptoms are thyroid related.
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