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thyroid removal and weight gain

It's been over a year since I have had my thyroid removed. My weight during that time have increased to 60lbs above my normal level of 180lbs. The dosage of medication prescribed is .75mg og thyroxine. What can I do to reduce my weight?
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If the thyroid levels are normal with this replacement, there is not much more to do from a thyroid standpoint.  Weight problems are common - for thyroid and nonthyroid patients - good dietary habbits and regular exercise remain the keys to success.
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Find the right diet, exercise and maintenance program for you, that you can live with for life.  Sorry if that sounds cold, but its the only conclusion. There is no magic thyroid solution to weight. If you are genetic predisposition it will be even rougher, thyroid condition or not. Be patient, its going to be a life style change. You might try the diet forum so you can discuss this at length with others. Good luck!
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It's frustrating to say the least and these are the common answers and unfortunately about the only ones that will come your way.  If I may suggest;  start to journal everything that goes in your mouth.  Count the calories, fats and protiens.  I'm going to suggest a grand book to get but of course it's up to you.  I'm still fighting the weight, but it's not because I don't eat right.  I do 30 minutes of cardio in the morning and walk 1.5 miles a day.  The weekend is off for diet, but I'm so use to doing right now that it's hard to mess it up.  I simple add a few more calories so that my body's metabolism will not go into starvation mode.

If you have more questions after you (and if) get the book please write to me @ ***@****

Here is the book:  
Fat Burning Secrets of the World’s Best
Bodybuilders & Fitness Models
By Tom Venuto
ISBN 0-9724132-0-0
Copyright 2003, Fitness Renaissance, LLC All Rights Reserved

And their website:  http://www.burnthefatinnercircle.com/

I do pay the $9.95 a month because my health is worth it, but don't do it until you read through the book and think about the changes that you have to make.  

I'll be glad to explain more if you should decide to go this route.  I've been on it for one year and lost 20 pounds.  Doesn't sound like much in a year, but I'm not gaining either!!  Something to think about and a starting place.  

Until then,
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yes.  Everyone is right.  It is much harder to keep normal weight with thyroid condition.

You need to accept that maintaining weight is going to be much harder for you now than it was before.  So you need to work much harder at it.

Also make sure your thryoid levels are optimal.  This should be TSH about 1.  If your doctor is ammenable, try adding T3 or using natural thyroid.  Some people find this helps with weight management.

I have complete thyroid failure and weigth management will be my lifelong battle.

Best wishes

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You don't mention what your FT3 and FT4 tests show.  If you are undermedicated, of course you will gain weight.
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I've only gained 5 lbs. so far but I'm only 6 weeks out..  I had a thyroidectomy; had the thyroid ablation done today.  Start back on my Cytomel on Sunday, Apr. 27, so I guess I haven't had sufficient enough time to gain weight.  I guess my Endrochronologist will start me on Synthroid after I'm done with this Rx.Anyone have any comments?
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Monitor your FREE T3 and FREE T4 and medicate accordingly.  If you are like so many others, Synthroid will not be sufficient.  It is T4 only.  You'll just have to see how you do.
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