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thyroiditis no hypo but feeling hyper still

Hi, my docs think i have had some kind of thyroiditis my labs are as follows:
DEC 2011  
TSH : 0.2 FT4: 23

May 2012
TSH: 0.5 FT4 17

July 2012:
TSH: 0.4 FT4 16

TPo Antibodie test done : 69 (positive)

October 2012 (this week)
TSH 0.6 FT4 16

I have been very ill but been misdiagnosed with allsorts! but my new doctor said thyroiditis but  I dont seem
to be going into hypo as i understand it cycles then goes back to normal.
I am in the 10 month of this now and still feel terrible, im better than I was but i understand it should only last about a year  my results this week are in "normal" range but i still feel bad i am currently on beta blockers which have really helped with my breathing, I am soooo tired and still getting palpatations, dizzy,anxiety, etc
will I still go hypo or could i be lucky and just go back to normal and why would i still be feeling hyper still?
would be greatful if anyone could shed some light on this for me
many thanks
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Your symptoms seem to be somewhat out of proportion to the slight/borderline low TSH.  The positive TPO antibodies are nonspecific.  A typical thyroiditis would have gone through phases as you suggest, therefore, this was not a transient type of thyroiditis but could be a chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis such as Hashimoto's.  Another possibility is Graves' disease with low normal TSH and not a significant hyperthyroidism.  A TSI test may be helpful in this regard.
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