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trying to understand results of tests

I have recently gone through a series of Thyroid tests and am working on understanding the results.  
TSH -suppressed. T4 normal.   (I did not receive report from blood work. I was given this info by the dr. office.)
right lobe 4.8 x 2.1 x 2.0 cm.  multiple cystic and heterogeneous nodules noted throughout. largest 2.4 cm appears to be two calcifications within this.

left lobe 5.5 x 2.4 x 2.6 cm. multiple cystic heterogenoeous nodules noted through out. largest 3.1 cm
several small nodules have at least 1 single focus of calcification.

6  hour uptake was 20.3%.  24 hour uptake was 30.3%.  lower pole region of left lobe is hyperactive compared to remainder of the gland.

When I called the Endo's office for results I was told to make an appointment for 6 months from now for a follow up.  I asked to have the doctor call me so I had a clearer understanding of what all this meant, but I haven't received a call.

Thanks so much.
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Would go in to see the endocrinologist in the near future to discuss in person.
This is a complicated situation of a multinodular thyroid with at least one "hot" nodule (lower left hyperfunctioning area on scan) causing hyperthyroidism (suppressed TSH).  This usually requires FNA biopsy of the nodule(s) that are not clearly hyperfunctioning then deciding on radioactive iodine vs surgery for the treatment of the hyperthyroidism.  At this point the hyperthyroidism is "subclinical" (normal T4 -- but need to test T3) so close observation may be appropriate based on your age, symptoms and other medical conditions.
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Hi I would recommend to just google what tch lab tests are suppose to be at and it will show you a graph of whats normal and whats not normal I recently had to do this with some of my test results because I didnt really understand it all at first.
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Thank you for the information Doctor.  I will make an appointment.
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