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ultrasound reading

I am a 38yr old female.  Few weeks back started to notice some tenderess in my neck.  Went to my pcp and sent me for thyroid blood work. all normal.
T4 TOTAL 8.2
T3 TOTAL 139  
TSH 1.03
FREE T4 9.1
I was then sent for an utlrasound. The thyroid was read as upper limit of normal size, no nodules, tissue slighly dense.  This may well be a variation of normal but to be sure we are making you an appointment to see a thyroid specialist

Also, my menstrul period was 3weeks late.  Just got it today.

Thyroid issues run on my mom's side of the family.  mom had nodules removed 15 yrs ago.  2 aunts have no thryoid on meds.

Any advice.    Advil seems to work well for pain
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Sounds like a fairly normal ultrasound - tough to tell without the films to see...Would add thyroid antibodies to complete the thyroid eval.
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