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vit d, vit b12 and albumin

i am not sure i am in the right area

i have low vit d and they are giving me vit d in a pill 10,000
i have low vit b12 i think
the test showed me at 315, the endrocinologist i went to for my vit d said i needed to see a blood dr for the b12, but he considered it low

when the endocrinlogist ran some tests on me he said i was low on serum albumin

does the low serum albumin go along with pernicious anemia.  my fathers family has it everywhere in the direct line off the kids and grandkids
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I don't think low albumin goes with pernicious anemia but would ask the hematologist.  Low albumin can be seen in certain liver and kidney problems but likely these have been tested already.  Low D can be seen in celiac sprue which can cause malabsorption which could lead to a low albumin.
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