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weight gain

iam a maxillofacial surgeon by profession. iam suffering from hypothyroid since 7 months. iam on thyroxine 100mcg & my TSH T3 & T4 levels now are with in normal limits.
My concern is that iam gaining weight & there is some fluid or thick gelatinous collection in the abdominal & flanks area. which is affecting my personality & makes me worry. i want your suggestion to get rid of this. iam doing regular exercise like waking for a 1-2 kms everyday using thredmill. pls suggest.
thank you
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The target TSH is usually 0.5-2.5 - so make sure the levels are optimal.
There is no specific suggestion in this case other than increasing the walking to a longer distance/time and continuing to watch the calorie intake to keep the balance slightly negative.  
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I was kept ill for many years with a TSH within "normal limits."  Where exactly are your test levels?
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iam not sure about the levels bcoz i had the test done a montha ago. i will repeat it & update you later.but what did you do when you were kept ill with your TSH levels within normal. pls inform me
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I wore long underwear, summer and winter, never went a day without having to take a nap, and dragged myself around the rest of the time.  I gain 55 pounds over the next nine years.  Finally, my doctor "noticed" that my TSH had risen to 78.  I've never lost the weight.  "Normal" ranges ruined my life. You should be getting copies of your tests and keeping your own records.
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