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will it help me lose weight

I am about to start taking thyroid medicine..I have been having symptoms for a while..Especially mesntrual troubles..
Besides all other symptoms, will taking meds for my thyroid help me lose weight...Also as far as my menses....been having lots of pelvic pain when i ovulate and have my menses..had a sonogram and everything turned out fine..Doc said its all related to my thyroid along with weight and pains in legs and shoulders..Is it possible that its all caused by my thyroid being underactive?
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Low thyroid can have many symptoms and sometimes menstrual irregularities.  Weight gain attributable to hypothyroid is usually not more than 5-10 pounds -- you may lose some weight with treatment.
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Why would a C spine scan show a mass on the left thyroid gland and a thyroid blood test shows normal.
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Hi,I have been taking thyroid meds for over 25 years, and gained over 150. Dont say this isnt common. I have 2 daughters, one mid 20's and other is 30ish..Both are on same meds and both have gained alot of weight at least 100lbs each. The thyroid has alot of control over your body, more than what doctors tell you. I have dieted w/o results..My friend Richard Simmons has even tried to help me. Look out once weight gain starts, then you'll have problems with your sugar, diabetic!! And again this is not a rare case I go to specialist in large city and each and everyone has same problem. Its The hormone, its is nasty!!!
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Armour is the only medicine that is helping me lose weight, and lifting the depression.
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Hello, I gained over 80 pounds in almost a year and a half and when I finally got traeatment they put me on Levoxyl 2.0 and It really did not make me loose any weight.  I tried those natural throid pills and they just made me sick.  I have tried almost every diet in the book.  I just started using advo and really like it, I have lost 5 pounds so far, it is not much but its the first time I have seen the scale go down.  The hady who sells it has a throid problem herself, plus my mom has a thyroid condition and she uses it and loves it.  The website is
theraycenter.com  Hope that helps.  Please keep me up tp date if you try it.  I would love to have a diet buddy!!!
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Taking thyroid medications do infact cause weight gain.  Prior to my thyroidectomy in Dec 2005 I was trying to loose weight.  After surgery I have gained 20 pounds over the past months.

Seems like lack of the thyroid or taking thyroid medications places one in a totally different medical category.
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