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Diagnosed with Thyroid after delivery


I gave birth to my son last september (2008). I was diagnosed with Hyper thyroid in february(2009).
I checked with my Endo and She mentioned i have post paturm thyroiditis and eventually it will change to hypo and might or might not go away....as mentioned i was diagnosed with hypo thyroid and Endo put me on Synthroid 50mg
and in my August2009  results she mentioned my thyroid levels are normal with medication and chances are i will no longer need medication from nov or Jan.

Now which Sep 2009 i feel a lot better....i feel active no more laziness...nothing changed in my diet or activity...its just tht i feel ver energytic.....some of friends mentioned i lost weight......well i am confused now......do you think i am normal....i no longer have any thyroid disorders? i missed my synthroid for a week.....busy in my son's first bday party....no change ...i dont feel dulll infact i feel better....with the medication...i feel more energy......

My question is ....is there a chance of losing weight once the thyroid levels are normal without medication?
do you think the medication is the cause of losing weight?

Do  i need to get my blood levels checked? My next screening is scheduled in Nov...should i wait?

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My doctor mentioned i dont have any thyroid anitbodies. Should I continue taking medication until november which is my next screening?

Do you think I am losing weight becouse ....my thyroid levels are normal now and then taking synthroid causing weight loss and once i stop the medication i will no longer lose weight?

One more question: Will i get back to my normal weight once the thyroid levels are normal without medcation?
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The weight issue may not be directly related to the thyroid - but untreated hypothryoid will slow weight loss efforts.  The key will be the thyroid function and also looking at thyroid antibodies.  Most patients are able to discontinue meds after about 6 months - the time we usually continue meds is in women planning another pregnancy who have positive thyroid antibodies.
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