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Fluid filled thyroid

Since October '06, my thyroid has been swelling up to the size of a golf ball. I have had three or four Fine Needle  Asperarations to drain the fluid and return it to normal size.

I have gone to two doctors both of which say my thyroid levels are normal, that it is 99% for certain not cancer, and that it may just keep swelling up on its own.

The first doctor recommended surgery at first but then took back that recommendation. He prescribed Thyroxine instead.

Well, the swelling came back again and the second opinion doctor took me off the medication -which is good becasue I don't want to take meds anyhow - and said no way to surgery.

Neither doctor had a real explanation to why this is happening and how to stop it. It is very uncomfortable and I have to turn my head to the right just to swallow food without gagging.

So my questions are:

1) I have been without insurance for 7 months so have not been able to have it drained since November. Is there any negative effects that may have on me?

2)Why does it happen and how can I stop it?

3)How can my thyroid levels be normal (not Hypo or Hyper) yet this is happening?

4)My fingers tips have begun wrinkling up for a few minutes at a time (like after a long bath) the last two weeks. Could this be related?

If you can answer any or all quetions I'd appreciate it.

I should have insurance soon so I can go in for a third opinion. I just want some info from anyone here that can help so I go into that doctor's office with some ideas.

I am a 29 Y.O. Male with no other health issues if that helps you.

Thank you so much.
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This is a recurrent thyroid cyst - more than half the time we see re-accumulation of cyst fluid after FNA/drainage.  Thyroid meds are not indicated if the baseline labs are normal and most patients w/ cysts have normal thyroid function -- this is independent of thyroid hormone levles.

Treatment options are - 1) repeated FNA/aspiration when it becomes symptomatic 2) surgery or 3) PEI (percutaneous ethanol injection) -- done by the same needle used to aspirate the fluid - after the cyst fluid is aspirated, pure ethanol is put into the cyst to cause damage to the cyst walls to preven fluid re-accumulation.

Note - PEI is not commonly used, so may be hard to find someone experienced to do this.  

Finger symptoms are unrelated.
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