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Papillary Recurrence 12 years after TT- likliehood????

I had a TT in 1998, with I-131 ablation. Am undergoing an ultrasound this afternoon due to the discovery of a large-ish (to be measured), hard, fixed mid-jugular lymph node. What's the likelihood of recurrence, and if so, what's the likely treatment plan going to be?
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This is likely a recurrence.  Should have FNA biopsy of this -- both for cytology (slides) and needle washout for thyroglobulin.  If positive for PTC then the next step is usually neck surgery possibly followed by more I-131.  Key here is to work with a doctor/team accustomed to planning treatments for recurrent cancer.
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Thanks for your response. I have my appointment today to go over the results. How accurate is ultrasound alone for diagnosing this? What if the node looks "normal"?
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