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Stomach Problems

I had my thyroid removed 11/08 due to papillary cancer with some metastasis to lymph nodes. Had RAI 1/09, did feel tired and some GI discomfort, all symtoms improved. I started to have nausea/sour stomach issues a few months later and these continue. I initially used the over the counter products Prilosec, Zantac, etc, my doctor tested me for H Pylori, negative. He concluded that I may have an ulcer and prescribed Nexium. This initally had good results, but I have evolved into mild constipation and the stomach distress and gas seems to be escalating again. I am taking 300mcg Synthroid, 5mcg Cytomel,daily, vitamins, one HCL and a Digestive enzyme with each meal. I feel pretty good with current thyroid regime, though I do need 10hr of sleep to feel normal, it takes awhile to get going am, and still feel moody. I eat well, lots of veges , cooked and raw, fruit, low meat intake, lots of water.
I wonder/think that the stomach issue is related to the RAI treatment still, or the Synthrioid,(also have tried Levothyroxin, Armour during all of this) or Low Adrennal/cortisol. What is your opinion and what direction should I go in with next doctor visit. Thank you. Greg. PS.No detectable cancer after last body scan.
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yeah see a gastro doc and get tested for Celiac disease, see if you have the symptoms, it's pretty common and can accompany thyroid problems.
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RAI may causes temporary stomach upset -- usually not an ulcer.Would see a GI specialist.  Does not seem you are absorbing very well given the relatively high dose of thyroid meds.  GI specialist could help evaluate this as well.
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