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tyroid clearance of toxicity

I have just undergone RAI last March 8, 2012 and been advised by the endocrinologist to do the necessary precautions of the treatment etc...there has been a lot of improvement eversince then. my sweating reduced, palpitations are still there but not that much, tremors are slowly subsiding,... I even got the result of latest blood test which is normal already... today I went to ask our Clinic if i could redo my seafarer medical, she said that since I had just did the RAI last month, still there has no clear indication if I would be turning to hypotyroidism or still toxic.. She then took again my Bp 150/100 which is so high ... probably my country is experiencing summer (philippines) then my pulse rate they said shoots up to 100??? i dont know they have given me medication to take for 2 weeks METOPRALEL (nubler) 50g i dont know if i spelled it right... Please advise with the question that how would I know if I am cleared from the toxic... are there any indications that will say so? or will i just be basing the result which the doctor would say? I am a bit confused and starting to be depressed already... I wish you could help me out. Thanks a lot GOdbless
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The radiation should be cleared from your system, but the effect on the thyroid may take 3-6 months to be certain it worked and determine if you need thyroid hormone pills for HYPOthyroidism (the RAI was to treat HYPER) - would test thyroid levels now to see what is going on.
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thank you sir for it helped me to be calmed in a way... May God bless you and your family... thanks again
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