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weight gain

I had my thyroid removed in 2007 after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Since then I have been taking Eutirox, 100mcg daily.  I actually feel ok now, as I was having a lot of trouble with fatigue. However, my weight fluctuates terribly, and have a lot of bloating and now I am suffering with enlarged and tender breasts. I eat a healthy vegetarian diet so why am I having trouble with losing weight..  Is there any supplements or anything I can do to speed up my metabolism?
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I weighed 96 pounds after having five children and am now 160.  I'm so tired of hearing that I eat too much.  I eat 1150 cal/day and no junk.  My tracking program says I use about 1550 cal/day before exercise.  I do not lose yet suffer hunger at less than 1150 calories.

I have high inflammation (CRP = 14) and am doing an antiobiotic challenge test for Lyme.  One of these days, medical science will stop blaming the victim and come up with some explanation as to why some people (namely, hypothyroids) have to struggle so with weight.
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No supplement is likely to help.  Weight is a balance of calories in // calories out ---- this is true for thyroid and non-thyroid patients.  Keeping the TSH in target range (ask your doctor about your target as it may be different based on the thyroid cancer history).
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