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23 year old male with a small thyroid cyst and multiple enlarged lymph nodes

a year and a half ago i had a very bad upper respiratory infection and some lymph nodes in my neck swelled and never went down but remained a little over a centimeter. i went in to the doctor who did bloods which were normal and then did a neck ultrasound. they incidentally found a 5mm thyroid cyst or what they called 'cystic lesion' the note said this was almost certainly benign but from everything i have read being young (check) male (check) having only one nodule (check) and having enlarged lymph nodes in the neck are all huge red flags. I talked to my doctor, a thyroid specialist as well as two ENT's about it and they are not worried in the least and say its much too small to biopsy. I am just very concerned and looking for input. .

Lymph nodes appeared normal by the way. Several over 1cm though They did FNA one of the nodes which came back normal but I’m not sure if they would show thyroid cancer from a node and not the module itself.
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Thyroid nodules are very common. The least concerning nodules are cystic nodules, as in your case. The most concerning nodules are solid nodules, especially those with microcalcifications, which are suspicious.
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Because thyroid nodules are exceedingly common, leading to costly interventions for many lesions that ultimately prove benign, the American College of Radiology developed a standardized scoring system called TI-RADS:
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