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Does anyone regret having had their thyroid removed?

If you were diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a total or partial Thyroidectomy, do you feel worse than you did before? Is the cure worse than the disease?  Please share your experiences.
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I don’t regret having it removed because it was cancer.  Not something I want staying in my body. I was 26 when it was removed.  I’m now 33 and having RAI.   However I hate that I struggle with begging so tired all the time even with my synthyorid adjusted correctly.  I hate that no matter what I do I can’t seem to lose weight that I have put on (mainly do to my pregancies).  But I’m thankful I have these problems in away because things could be so much worse with any other type of cancer. I’m thankful there is a cure!
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I had thyroidectomy (Pap Cancer) 19 months ago and regretted every stinking moment. I'm glad I don't have cancer anymore although I still have a chance for reoccurance so not really seeing and upside.

The things about thyroidectomy no one tells you.
1.  Endless medication adjustments...not because of lab results because you gotta speak up when u feel awful inspite of those perfect results or endo will throw you away like trash....unless your lucky get a real doctor who cares.
2. Emotional stress from rollercoaster ride from endless med changes and hormones that go insane when meds are wrong.
3. Body pains that are never ending (unless your lucky)never ending.
4. Most Endocrinologist love lab test results and the only word they manage to grunt "Your numbers are PERFECT" I want to vomit everytime they say that to me....perfect because its not them.
5. Once you achieve "PERFECT" they give you the boot....see you in a year.
6. Won't find too many people who understand the Thyroidectomy stress, most people have Hashimoto or Graves disease.
7. Weight Gain is a train wreck for most people but, Endos think 20-30punds is not a bad thing and totally normal .....some people dont gain weight but majority of people do... sigh.
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My god i totally get you...
I have been swerving having my thyroid removed, they have been bullying me for years. Now i have pap carcinomas on both lobes, im really sad that I know my life will forever be up and down due to the unatural hormone replacement. People are so blase about it....
Oh its just a pill.... it will be fine..... its better than cancer... blah blah.  Well if they can't get it right now, and apart from the cancer my thyroid is apparently functioning 'perfectly' according to their stupid lab ranges, yet i feel awful and no it isnt, and hasnt for years.. what hope is there when i have to rely on them to give me my hormones.
I have no thyroid and I had surgical menopause....yippee good times double whammy.  I should have kept the cancer because not having a thyroid causes it's own life sucking drama.
I am 9 weeks post TT and I want to scream. I am grateful to my surgeon getting the cancer out and no RAI and hopefully not but I cannot feel the same, I feel so much worse and yes they are always saying about adjustment, I get that but I’m so symptomatic. I meet the endo for the first time since my biopsy’s on feb 18 and I wonder if he’s even going to listen. Already my med levothyroxine was changed so there goes another 6 weeks of waiting time as I have only been on the new does 2 weeks.
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Always keep in mind that communities that offer support, oftentimes have many more people with complications or issues than the % of the public who don't post in a support group.  Having my partial in 2008 was fine for me and continues to be a great quality of life, cancer free almost 9 yrs later.  I still go for yearly labs, and an ultrasound.  All has been great.  Maybe try switching endo's to find a different combo of meds?   C~
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