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Growth in Thyroid Gland

I found a large lump on the right hand side of my neck, my voice has been hoarse for last year or so and I've got a feeling that something is stuck in my throat all the time. My doctor said I've got a growth in my thyroid gland and I've to go for an ultrasound on Tuesday. Iam worried about all this, am I just being silly or should I be concerned? Please help.
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I'm new on this forum too, but I thought I would comment and bump your post up for you.  I have a lump on my thyroid and I went to my primary dr who ordered an ultrasound and discovered a 3.3 cm nodule so then I went to an endo and had a FNAB (biopsy).  I'm still waiting for results from it.  Going to the dr. is the right thing, it's the only way you will get any real answers.  It's okay to be worried too, I am, even though the odds are in our favor.  I get my biopsy results Friday, I will keep you in my prayers as well.
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Thanks for answering my post, I got my ultrasound scan today and I've a large growth on right hand side and two smaller ones on the left. She told me I'd get my results from dr. Do you know what they'll be able to tell me from the results. Ie can they tell from an ultrasound if there benign or non benign? Or do you need a biopsy for that? Good luck to you for Friday, I hope it's all good for you. Take care Kirsty
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The US cannot tell if they are benign or malignant.  It can tell you the characteristics of the nodules:  solid, cystic or mixture, vascular, calcifications, etc...  It helps to identify whether you need a biopsy but most often it is biopsied anyway.  My thryoid labs were all normal so that makes my lump more suspicious, can't blame it on hypo or hyper thyroid.  I did not have an uptake scan since my labs were normal, I assume from that my nodule is cold, meaning it isn't producing hormones, that is also slightly more suspicious.  The biopsy was no picnic but not that bad either.  The worst thing for me was an allergic reaction to the stuff they cleanse the area with.  I had it last Thursday and I sill have a hive like rash.  Gonna have to ask about that.  As Friday gets closer I am getting a bit more nervous.  I know the odds are high for benign but someone has to be in that small percent that has malignancy, who am I that it shouldn't be me?  Oh, well, won't know til Friday.  Good luck, and I don't mind sharing info, I have no one else to really talk to about this.  
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The hoarseness and swallowing issues are a concern. There is a nerve that runs through your thyroid, if the nodules press on this nerve, you can have these side effects. You won't get an answer with an ultrasound, only get the characteristics, just as was stated before. Almost half the time, a biopsy won't tell you for sure, either. I will tell you that I, too, had hoarseness and swallowing issues, all have resolved after my TT. I also had cancer. It may be a while before you really find an answer, but keep at it. Eventually you will probably lose your thyroid anyway, the nodules won't go away and probably will get bigger. If they are causing symptoms you have, then it may be wise to remove at least half and see what is there. That is what I did, they couldn't tell me that it was, so they took out half, then we found the cancer.
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